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As the world of home design evolves with each passing year, a fresh palette of door colors takes the stage, reflecting homeowners’ growing desire for vibrant charm and individual expression. In 2024, door colors are all about making a statement and creating an impactful first impression. Here’s your guide to the latest trends that are...


As the warmer months approach, homeowners are eagerly anticipating spending more time outdoors on their decks. However, with increased use comes the inevitable wear and tear that can dull its appearance and compromise its structural integrity. That’s why homeowners must understand the importance of regular deck staining in maintaining a beautiful and durable outdoor living...


Board and batten is a popular siding style that has been around for centuries. It features wide, vertical boards with narrow strips of wood, known as battens, covering the seams between them. While traditionally used on barns and other agricultural buildings, board and batten has become increasingly popular in modern home design. History of Board...


When it comes to choosing a paint color for your home, the options can seem endless. But if you have red brick as a prominent feature on your exterior, it’s important to choose a complementary color that will enhance its natural beauty. The right paint color can bring out the best in red brick and...


Painting outdoors can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it requires careful consideration of the temperature in order to ensure that the paint’s performance is not compromised. Temperature affects many aspects of outdoor painting, from how long the paint takes to dry, to its overall longevity and durability. Painting at too low or too...

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