Estate Cleanouts in Hampton Roads, VA

Estate Cleanouts

Estate cleanouts can be both physically and emotionally taxing events, often signaling stressful times such as the death of a parent or loved one or due to financial hardship. The process from start to finish is overwhelming, but you don’t have to go through it alone. Cova Painting estate cleanout experts work hard to make this difficult journey a bit easier for you by taking the physical and emotional burdens off your shoulders. They provide quality estates services without sacrificing speed or expertise; you can trust that they will handle things with precision and care, allowing you more time to focus on the important matters in life.

Estate Cleanouts for Family and Realtors

Whether you’re clearing out the home of a loved one or taking on the job of selling a recently vacated property, getting rid of old belongings can be a monumental task. Our junk removal and estate cleanout experts can handle jobs of any size, from a few boxes to a jam-packed house. We can remove furniture, appliances, mattresses, old clothes, and assorted other clutter—all with courtesy, professionalism, and a fair price.

What You Should Keep During an Estate Cleanout

If you’re clearing out a loved one’s home or executing their estate, it might be tempting to throw everything out and just get it over with. But before you call the junk removal experts, there are some things you should look for and hold onto:
  • Financial documents, including insurance paperwork and property deeds
  • Identification and Social Security cards
  • Heirlooms and keepsakes
It can be draining and difficult to sort through everything, but you’ll be glad you did. If you need help, we’re here to give it.

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Our Cleanout Process Includes

We care about the environment. Every truckload we fill is sorted. All items accepted by local charities are donated, all possible recyclable material is separated, and what remains is disposed of efficiently. Our goal is to contribute as little as possible to landfills.

Set-Up & Prepare

Our crew will strategically plan the best and most efficient approach to every cleanout. If necessary, all floors are protected with drop cloths to prevent any damage.


The crew we send will be trustworthy, competent, respectful, and careful in and around your home and work area. It’s a job requirement!


We treat your home just like it is our own – with the utmost care and respect. After every cleanout, we pay close attention to doing a thorough job cleaning the work area.


After our own inspection, your job site supervisor will walk you through the space, giving you the opportunity to review our work and to provide any initial feedback.

Our professional service crew prides itself on the utmost respect for your home. When we clean out homes and work areas, we carefully remove items in a safe way and do our best to recycle as much as possible in order to sustain a green environment.

To maximize time deliverables, there are some things homeowners and property managers can do to prepare for each project. Such as removing objects or vehicles that prevent the team from seamlessly moving in and out of houses and or around commercial areas.

Depending on your location and the complexity of the job,  each cleanout cost can range. We will go over every aspect of the job to give you a complete and accurate assessment to ensure you get the best price.